DockPort's BOBR

BOBR is a mechanized system that dramatically improves product quality, increases productivity, and reduces labor. Our patented design radically reduces required effort and optimizes shell shape. BOBR delivers better oysters, faster with less effort.

Fewer Touches

With BOBR, husbandry tasks are done with oysters in BOBR and BOBR on the lines. This dramatically reduces touches by up to 70%.

Superior Shape

BOBR expands standard Vexar bags into cylinders which maximizes volume. BOBR growth units are individual, so each unit responds dynamically to wave action. More space + more motion equals better shell shape.

Natural Tumble

BOBR lets mother nature work for every farmer. BOBR harnesses wave action to produce deeper cups and better symmetry at no cost to the farmer.

Our Vision

DockPort will enable oyster farmers to produce Better oysters, Faster, Easier. Higher yield, higher quality, less work.